Our success is in your results!

The focus of Laytech is the varnishing solutions that we produce, starting from raw materials, rough elements that we turn into refined water- or solvent-based products:

protective and insulating varnishes, reagents, pigmented or clear base coats, finishings of any kind and effects for every production and surface.

Laytech is not just that, though…

Laytech is:

  • knowledge of the material to which our products are addressed and experience in enhancing it, highlighting the value of wood and dignifying all other surfaces;
  • the flexibility of a nimble structure, which has human dimensions, giving precise and tailored solutions to our customers;
  • research, conducted on a double level:
    • in the R&D Lab, the Research and Development Laboratory, where new products are created, together with the solutions to daily requests;
    • in the Test lab, where we test our production cycles, in order to give our clients not just a product, but also the faster and more efficient way to obtain the desired outcome;
  • avantgarde technology, including the best tintometric systems and whole qualitative controls for any kind of product;
  • care for the environment: among the first to believe in a water-based formulation, since 1980 up to date we have reached the know-how to produce eco-friendly varnishes, with very low or zero levels of VOC;
  • innovative processes, with modern and efficient methods, daily combined with handmade care for detail and that ‘old-style’ attention for the individual.

Because people make a difference!

The real heart of Laytech is a group of people that every day – for more than a century – have enthusiastically offered their expertise through mutual collaboration, through the contact with their customers, through the research and realization of a product, through a tailored post-sale service.

This is the reason why we keep going towards continuous research, qualitative excellence and custom-made solutions, still maintaining a human dimension.

Our collaborators and customers’ trust and respect are the most important satisfaction that every year makes us happy, together with a regular growth. We are proud of these results, and our intention is to keep giving value to our territory in this way.

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