Since 1903, we are up to all sorts of… colours!

The Origins

Our history dates back to 1903, in Conegliano. In that year, Francesco Bortolon opens a shop for “polishing waxes”. The place, small and without windows, becomes a real shop thanks to a loan of 5,000 Liras offered by a wealthy farmer, who held a very good opinion of Mr. Bortolon.

The activity grows. In 1907 the loan is given back (when words had the value of a written contract…) and for over four decades – and through two World Wars – Bortolons’ name gets well known in the territory, for their ability in giving value to the surfaces, thanks to a deep knowledge of the world of varnishes.

The ’50s and the ’70s

In the Fifties, the economic boom leads Bortolon to a quality leap: the family welcomes the Manfredis and the activity is turned into a production of varnishes, aimed to the rising furniture industry. Production goes together with research and Bortolon Vernici becomes a leader in the territory, thanks to their knowledge of the products and of their application.

In the Seventies, the working methods change and become smoother and faster, thus guaranteeing a great quality level; still with a human and personal approach, which had always been the foundation dictated by the forefather.

The ’90s, until today

In 1996, within the new transformation of the social context and of the market, Laytech appears. Literally ‘Lay (covering) tech (technique)’, the new company has the aim to bring the knowledge of the materials, the research for new ways and solutions and a tailored assistance into a more technological and modern reality. In this way, the final result will be what the customer has imagined and desired.

Since 1903, four generations have seamlessly come along, one after the other, in an adventure that has always combined knowledge, sacrifice, experimentation, different and collateral approaches, offered with passion by every single person taking part of this long path.

On the back of our history and of what we have learned in our job, we go on – towards the future – proud of ourselves, because for over a century, we have been up to all sorts of… colours.

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